2015 Priorities – lindfield campus

The Strategic Plan covers four years. The journey should ensure the long term sustainability for this great College yet be flexible to enable appropriate response to times of rapid change.

Many targets are regular annual priorities. For simplicity they are not repeated in this document. This document highlights the 2015 agenda items for particular attention.

pillarsLearning and Teaching

Learning – consolidate the PYP Learning Framework and the inquiry based nature of the program
Continue to map the National Curriculum to Lindfield Programme of Inquiry ensuring appropriate and comprehensive coverage of all outcomes.
Consider the implementation of Reading and Writing frameworks to formalise assessment, tracking and teaching strategies across the school
Consolidate the Learning Enhancement Team Teaching model to provide support and enrichment for all boys
Review Assessment practices with particular focus on differentiated assessment
Focus on tracking student progress – strong link to assessment and future learning
Consolidate our 1:1 technology program – further integration of Canvas in Years 3 to 6.
Ongoing refinement of communication with parents about week to week learning and student progress
Collaborate with Stanmore and Wyvern about Middle School pedagogy and transition
Collaborate with Stanmore and Wyvern re Assessment Tracking System across the College to support the measurement and monitoring of student growth
Focus on the PYP Approaches to Learning (Skills) across all areas of the curriculum

pillarsWell-being, Character and Service

Continue to develop the P.A.L.S. (Positive Attitudes and Life Skills) program focusing on the integration of a strong anti-bullying philosophy and strategies
Strong focus on the communication of Point 1 with parents
Review and as necessary adjust the HAPPY approach from 2014
Consolidate the development Digital Citizenship throughout the curriculum
Development and implementation of Social Action projects for each year level to support the promotion of Action in response to learning

pillarsSpirituality, Values and Ethics


Review the Religious Education program to ensure an inquiry-based pedagogy is prevalent

pillarsCo-curricular Engagement

Ongoing development of Co-Curricular Clubs before and after school, and at lunchtimes to provide diverse learning opportunities
Ongoing negotiation with IPSHA to ensure sporting teams are evenly matched for Saturday Sport
Continue to develop leadership opportunities for Year 6 students and the preparation and training of Year 5 students

foundationsCommunity Partnership

Continue to run regular Parent Workshops to foster partnership and awareness of school initiatives and programs – explore timing and delivery to ensure high accessibility for parents
Explore possibilities for setting up an Early Learning Centre for Lindfield

foundations Quality of Staff

Ongoing implementation of the Professional Development and Reflection Framework with staff
Introduce Professional Learning Groups
Increase peer observation and reflection
Organise a PYP in-school workshop on ‘Conceptual Learning’
Ongoing professional development and support for the implementation of the National Curriculum – focus on Science and continuing with Maths



 Continue to grow double stream Stage 3
 Effective risk and compliance policies and practices
 Effective ICT strategies, policies and practices
 Develop the use of Google Docs to support collaboration and digital programming