2015 Goals – full college

The Strategic Plan covers four years. The journey should ensure the long term sustainability for this great College yet be flexible to enable appropriate response to times of rapid change.

Many targets are regular annual priorities. For simplicity they are not repeated in this document. This document highlights the 2015 agenda items for particular attention.

pillarsLearning and Teaching

Learning – consolidate all inquiry based models.

  • Stanmore – consolidate the Newington Learning Framework
  • Lindfield – consolidate the PYP Learning Framework
  • Wyvern – consolidate the BLP Learning Framework
Review Year 8 elective choices and structures for a 2016 commencement
Review Year 10 curriculum structure and possibilities
Constantly review all alternative teaching and learning strategies
Consolidate our 1:1 technology program
Strong focus on effective assessment – feedback – reporting – reflection processes – goal setting
Foster full range of ICT research techniques, including appropriate use of technology
Nurture our vocational pathways including the new subject introduction of Hospitality at Years 8/11 for 2015
Review the ESL provision, policies and practices
Improved communication avenues for parents to raise any concerns
Growth in boy feedback mechanisms

pillarsWell-being, Character and Service

  A strong focus on the Mentor as the prime pastoral person for each boy
  Priorities to be on the themes of;

  • resilience
  • emotional intelligence
  • positive psychology
  • digital citizenship
  • behaviour management and
  • motivational strategies
 Mentor effectiveness and professional training
 Communication to parents on pastoral programs
 Growth in boy feedback mechanisms

pillarsSpirituality, Values and Ethics


 Embrace the challenge of how the multiplicity of faith backgrounds is acknowledged and valued within the context of our Uniting Church and Christian ethos.
 Prepare for the Tupou College Sesquicentenary in 2016
Provide worship that is ongoing and relevant

pillars Co-curricular Engagement


Leadership training
Character development via the co-curricular programs
Acknowledgement of boys
Foster AAGPS membership and obligations
Improved coaching standards for lower ranked teams
Growth in boy feedback mechanisms


foundationsCommunity Partnership

 Start on update of P Swain history book of Newington for the period 1998 – 2003
 Anzac Day special ceremonies given its special significance in 2015
 Service Learning enhancement
 Literature Festival 2015
 Development of ELC learning

foundations Quality of Staff

Orientation of our new HR Director 
Staff led professional learning, review and practices 
Gaining accreditation as a PD provider 
Fostering our culture of “too good not to be better” 
Reviewing the industrial model for Award determination 



 Constant review and updating of the rolling 10 year financial plan
 Keeping costs to appropriate levels to keep fee rises to a minimum
 Seeking alternative revenue sources (linked to point 2)
 Keeping enrolments to agreed capped level
 Importance of our environmental footprint
 Effective risk and compliance policies and practices
 Effective ICT strategies, policies and practices 

Facilities – 2015

Stanmore – Year 7 Centre (open for 2016)
Drama Centre (open for 2016)

  • Regular maintenance
  • Internal fit out of Music Centre – ground floor (for Term 1 2015)
  • Founders kitchen upgraded to introduce Hospitality as a subject (for Term 1 2015)

  • New air-conditioning system (for Term 1 2015)
  • Regular maintenance
  • Improve internal signage 

  • New Music Centre within Don Brown Hall (for Term 1 2015)
  • Additional classroom for second Year 6 class (for Term 1 2015)
  • Regular maintenance