Newington College’s unique Uniting Church links with Tupou College, Tonga has provided boys with the opportunity to travel to Tonga and contribute to the Tongan community. Since 2010, a touring party  consisting of staff and boys have visited Tonga for a U15 Rugby and Service Learning Tour.  Accommodated in the Tupou College Boarding House, boys get a firsthand experience of the Tongan hospitality and culture while also giving back to the Tongan community by participating in Service Learning activities, including working alongside the Tongan students and teachers in their classrooms and helping on building projects to improve the facilities of the College.

A highlight of the Tour has become annual delivery of a container of resources sponsored by Ken Grover from Gulliver’s Sport Travel and is an opportunity for our community to enhance Tupou College’s teaching resources. Thanks to the generosity of the Newington College community, a variety of resources including textbooks, science equipment, classroom furniture, laptops, a data projector and other IT equipment, farming equipment, clothes, catering equipment and various Rugby resources were donated to Tupou College.

Over the years the boys have been overwhelmed by the love and hospitality shown by their Tupou brothers. Many of the Newington boys have commented on the generosity that the Toloa boys have displayed, having gone to enormous efforts to welcome and accommodate the touring party during their stay.