student Reflections

“Seeing people taking time out of their day to provide a service to those less fortunate than themselves, expecting nothing in return, really pushes you to do more. Perhaps the most respectable aspect is their willingness to help, their expressions of gratitude and the constant smiles they have on their faces! I was really glad to help out but, if anything, I am grateful for the opportunity to have helped such a selfless venture. I would be happy to go back there any time.”Alexander, Loaves and Fishes Restaurant

“They make the most out of life, even though they have spinal injuries, they don’t let it get them down. I like the fact that they don’t let you get away with anything too easily. You have to concentrate and they expect the best from you.” – Eden, Referee for Wheelchair Sport NSW 

“The day was incredible and it brought to light that while the media coverage of the bushfires had faded away, the effects hadn’t. The positive manner which Gordon conducted himself, even in times of great loss, was astonishing. Gordon’s personal outlook on the incident was, “It’s not the problem that is the problem, but it’s how you fix the problem”. This quote will always be a reminder of how fortunate we truly are and a life philosophy that should be implemented by all.”  – Keegan, Bushfire Relief Efforts Blue Mountains, NSW

“The impact which we had was plain to see in all the members of the Buru community. Learning about their culture and their way of life definitely put our lives into a new perspective and reaffirmed in our minds that the quest to ensure the survival of the aboriginal culture is without a doubt worthwhile and meaningful. The trip was a fantastic and life changing experience, and we recommend that all boys in Year 11 next year take the opportunity to go.” – Thomas and Sam, Red Earth Connections Tour

 “It was such a life changing experience getting to know their [Tongan] culture and how they live. Getting to know the boys was like meeting relatives that you have never met.” Zac, Rugby/Service Learning Tour to Tonga

“My experience in Nepal was something that I will never forget for the rest of my life, and I will go as far as to say that it had a profound impact on my character and sense of the world. One of the best parts of the trip was the Service Learning aspect. Meeting all of the locals and actually getting to be a part of, and see firsthand, the help that the money we raised could give was a truly rewarding experience.

Our trek through the Himalayas and week in Kathmandu were happy memories that will never leave me. The people were all so happy, welcoming and cheerful and this really taught me the lesson that happiness is relative. They have so little, yet their culture is so rich and their community spirit so strong that their cheerfulness helps them cope with everyday life. I would give the trip an A+ and highly recommend it to anybody in Year 10 or 11 considering it in the future.” – Ramon, Nepal Service Learning Tour

“I learned that there are more people in need than you think and it feels really good when you help them. By taking a day to help the older people of a community, it really puts a smile on their faces and makes you feel really good for what you have done.” Bayley, Year 9 Service Learning

“Going to a pre-school isn’t what every 14-year-old boy wants to be doing in his holidays, but halfway through the first day I actually started having fun… I read a book to a little girl and before I knew it, there were about ten happy four and five year olds listening. For me this was the best bit of the two days as I actually thought I was helping and making their day I little bit better. Overall I thought this was a great experience and would definitely do it again.” – James, Year 9 Service Learning

“With the help of Bankstown Cricket Club, I am glad to have contributed to the project and hope it grows and grows throughout schools and clubs in Sydney. Meeting the Ugandan gentlemen, who I am still in contact with, was a humbling experience but one that made it all the more worthwhile. MP Jason Claire was also present for the handing over of the gear which gave me confidence that the project was getting noticed”.   Alex, Donating Cricket gear to Uganda