stanmore 7-12

The Service Learning program is contributing to a positive change in culture and thinking amongst our boys at Newington. All year groups from 7–12  are presented with various opportunities to participate in the program at the College.

In Year 7, boys deliver kitchen garden vegetables grown at Newington to the nearby Loaves and Fishes Restaurant, catering to the homeless of our local community in inner Sydney. Some service opportunities are mandated such as the Year 8 Charity Awareness program usually held in Term 4. In this activity the boys develop an awareness campaign of their House’s charity, by creating presentations using various media including Drama, Music and Computer Graphics.

It is the College’s expectation  that all boys in Years 9 and 10 will organise voluntary, unpaid service work within their local community. We are of course very mindful of the time demands already placed on our boys, so it is envisaged that boys will perform a minimum ofeight hours, during either Semester 1 or 2. This service work could be performed weekly, fortnightly, or over one or two days during the holiday period. Boys can volunteer their time at a charity organisation or at a local club, church, or environmental group. These opportunities provide valuable hands on experiences for our younger boys.

Throughout the year, all Year Groups are also invited to participate in a variety of charitable fundraisers including the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal Door Knock and Canteen’s National Bandanna Day. These are great opportunities

Finally, it is hoped that the Service Learning program will play an important role in the development of our leaders at the College, establishing a very clear link between Service and Leadership. It is hoped that our Newington graduates will take the experiences learned from the program with them into their future lives, where they can influence the thinking of their family, friends and colleagues to be more aware of the responsibility that we all have and to look after those less fortunate than ourselves.