Set up by young cancer patients in 1985, CanTeen is an Australia wide organisation designed to support, develop and empower young people living with cancer. It aims to help young people in a variety of ways, whether they’re dealing with cancer themselves or have close family members diagnosed with the disease.

CanTeen provides a peer support network for 12-24 year olds affected by cancer through a range of programs and camps to encourage members to share their experiences, make friends and get away from the daily pressures of living with cancer in the hospital or home. They also provide specialist hospital care, counselling and individual assistance.

To find out more about the work that CanTeen does or to donate to the cause, visit their website here.


As one of the College’s principle charity organisations, the school houses Fletcher and Le Couteur have developed a special working relationship with CanTeen. Both Houses are involved in a number of different activities to raise money and awareness for CanTeen.

Canteen’s National Bandanna Day is an important annual event for the whole school community, with the selling of bandanas which have become a worldwide symbol for those undergoing treatment for cancer. Over the years, senior boys from Fletcher and Le Couteur Houses have led the fundraising efforts for this worthy cause.

Other fundraising efforts have included an invitational cricket match, organised by Le Couteur, where visitors to the school donate to CanTeen to play on the idyllic surrounds of Buchanan Oval. Fletcher House has also organised a “Shave for Newington” fundraising day.

Additionally, boys in Year 8, guided by Year 11 students, create Charity Awareness presentations by producing communications such as posters, video clips and songs.