A Newington education does not come with a sense of entitlement. We expect all Newington boys to know when to serve, step up, and speak out for others.

With a Uniting Church ethos we model, expect and mentor the concept of service to others from a very early age. Personal experience is an indispensable feature of Newington’s Social Justice education. The strong push with our Service Learning program has been to ‘do’ rather than ‘talk’ or simply raise funds. We are keen for awareness and action initiatives that make a real difference in the community.

It is our explicit expectation that, over time and with many and varied opportunities to serve, the boys will discover a style of personal leadership.

The College’s Service Learning program is designed to encourage students to consider their individual roles and responsibilities within the broader community. The program’s activities aim to enhance our boys’ awareness of the inequalities that exist within our local, national and international communities, while also providing them with practical hands on opportunities to work alongside charity workers and community volunteers.