Across the years

The role of the archivist in the preparation for our Sesquicentenary celebrations cannot be overestimated.

Mr David Roberts as our Chief Archivist, and his team of volunteers, began some four years before our anniversary year to bring the 150 years of collected documents, artefacts, registers, oral histories and memories to a distilled collection ready for display throughout the year.

Today, the College proudly boasts its own archive museum, diligently curated by Mr Roberts, offering a fascinating insight into the bold history of Newington. The museum features as part of the ONU Centre and is open for viewing by our boys, parents, staff and Old Boys.

Two Sesquicentenary projects in particular, Newington College: A Sesquicentenary History 1863-2013 and the Notable Newingtonians database, have sourced much of their authentic material from the diligently catalogued repository held here at Stanmore.

The ONU Centre, officially opened in 2012, was the ‘hub of history’ for our special events in 2013 as well as a physical focal point for those returning to the College to remember their days at Newington.

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