Message from the Chairman

Throughout 2013, it was important for us to take the time to consider the historical context of our commencement as well as the significance of what has been achieved for the thousands of Newington’s young men who have passed through the College gates since that time.

In 1863 the Methodist Church saw the need for an educational establishment of recognised quality, to educate boys into men, to be leaders in the colony, in anticipation of a proud state and federated nation. Newington’s sons have been shaping the future of this country ever since. It was both the 150 years of achievement and the future we continue to shape for boys education that were celebrated in 2013.

We also saw 2013 as a year for all Newingtonians to encourage reconnection for those who may not have engaged with friends or the College for some time.  Events were free and ticketed; some were for Old Boys and partners, some for the whole family; some for students and teachers and some for the wider community. In other words – there was something for everybody.

Planning for 2013 was undertaken by a dedicated group of volunteer Parents and Old Boys who, with the enthusiasm of the Headmaster and his staff, worked to ensure a year befitting the occasion; a year to remember in Newington’s proud history.

Rod Bosman (ON ’78)
Sesquicentenary Chairman

If you would like to get in contact with Rod Bosman to ask about our planning and celebrations, or the committee, please do not hesitate to contact us.