1993 – 2002

In 1993 Newington welcomed its sixteenth headmaster, Michael H Smee. In that same year one of the College’s “living treasures”, Phillip Davis, announced his desire to give up classroom teaching. After 43 years of service to Newington College, his famous black jacket “impregnated with chalk dust and in which he had taught for decades” was donated to the Archives. Two years later in 1995, the College finally acquired the purchase of the Cambridge Street property that would in 1998 become the new Wyvern House Prep School. Also in this decade came the retirement of Roy Zimmerman, who had been headmaster of Wyvern for over 30 years, as well as Bob Buntine, Deputy Headmaster and coach of the First VIII. Into the Deputy’s office moved his successor, the indomitable Grant Williamson.

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