1983 – 1992

As Newington College moved into its second decade under the leadership of Headmaster Rae, the 1980s were hallmarked by innovation and achievement. The Boarding House, which had been under threat of closure, found new life on the top floor of the Founders Building catering almost exclusively to the needs of senior students. The decade was also a time of considerable development at the school, from the Abbotsford pontoon to the Arts building at the rear of the Founders and Nesbitt Wings. In February 1984, the new chapel was officially opened by an old friend of the College, Reverend Cecil Gribble and was hitherto dedicated “to the glory of God” by Chaplain Swain. The 1980s were an incredible time for the Arts, of which Headmaster Rae was particularly fond, and the period saw something of a Newington renaissance in terms of music and theatrical production. In February 1992 Tony Rae submitted to the College Council his resignation effective from the following year, bringing to an end his headmastership after twenty-one and a half years at Newington.

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