1973 – 1982

The 1970s began with the arrival as headmaster of one Anthony James Morell Rae, ushering in a period in Newington’s history that would come to be looked back upon affectionately as “the Rae years”. Throughout the 70s the College grounds were used regularly for philanthropic uses during the long summer breaks, notably by the Royal Blind Society for its Annual Vacation School that helped blind children to grow in confidence and to walk and swim unassisted. These early Rae years were ones that brought enormous pride and satisfaction to the Newington family. At the 1979 Speech Night Headmaster Rae spoke of how success could be measured in “two fairly simple ways: by the width of participation and by the level of achievement.” As the long waiting lists for enrollment showed, the Sydney community was well aware of Newington’s results in these two measures.

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