1963 – 1972

When the Reverend Douglas Arthur Trathen came to Newington as Headmaster in 1963 the world had entered upon “the space age”. As the College celebrated its centenary year Stanmore was alive with festivity and the first history of the College, Newington College 1863-1963 was released. The celebrations didn’t stop at Stanmore, however, as Dr John Moulton, great-grandson of the original headmaster, led an expedition to Newington House on the Parramatta River at Silverwater. It was at this time that the original Newington House bell, a former ship’s bell bearing the date “1825”, finally returned to the College. In 1966, the fate of the North Shore Preparatory School was sealed with the acquisition of a four acre property at 26 Northcote Road, Lindfield.

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