Parents or legal guardians of students selected for the Newington College Exchange Program are required to familiarise themselves with these Terms and Conditions and sign the document to indicate that they undertake to adhere to the terms and conditions. We trust that this will be an enriching experience for your son and that this document will serve further to clarify Newington’s and your commitment towards this Exchange Program.


  • Your son is expected to conform to the rules and expectations at Lycée St Vincent as set out in the school’s Code of Conduct.


  • Your son will be accommodated by a French host family. Such accommodation includes all the duties that the family could reasonably be expected to undertake for their own child.
  • You agree to allow the host family and Lycée St Vincent to act in loco parentis for the duration of the exchange program.
  • Your son is a guest in the home of his French host family and it is expected that he observe the rules of his host family, no matter what his own family permits. House rules should be discussed before the arrival of either party. (See paragraph 15 as to protocol in the case of conflict about house rules.)
  • The exchange student should not get himself into dangerous or compromising situations. The host family will advise him on this and the exchange student must understand that if his host family seems over-anxious, it is because his safety is of primary concern to them.
  • Your son should bring sufficient money with him to cover expenses that the host family would not be expected to cover, i.e. pocket money and money for the various excursions arranged by Lycée St Vincent. Please negotiate these aspects (if necessary) with the French host family prior to your child’s departure.


  • This is essentially a school exchange and attending classes is the central aspect of your son’s stay. He will be required to attend classes in different subjects, to contribute to academic lessons and to fulfill the requirements of those subjects, including homework and assignments.
  • He will be expected to participate in co-curricular and cultural activities offered by Lycée St Vincent.


  • Your son must have comprehensive travel insurance which fully
 covers medical expenses.
  • Lycée St Vincent will not be held liable for any disease or injury sustained whilst your son is on exchange in France, nor will the school be held responsible for any damage to or loss of personal property.
  • Should your son suffer from any illness requiring daily medication, the French Exchange Coordinator, Madame Jullien must be made aware of this and sufficient medication in its original packaging must accompany your son. In addition, detailed treatment information must be provided in the event that your son becomes ill. Kindly complete and return the medical form.


  • Your son will be required to make contact with the Newington College Exchange Coordinator via email on a weekly basis during the exchange.
  • Should you as a parent be unhappy with any aspect of the exchange program, you are requested to liaise directly with the Exchange Coordinator at Newington College.
  • If your son should find his host family’s house rules unreasonable, he should discuss this confidentially with the Newington Exchange Coordinator who will mediate.


  • The Headmaster at Lycée St Vincent reserves the right to terminate the exchange should an exchange student behave in a manner not acceptable to the College. This will be done in consultation with the Head of Stanmore.
  • We agree that drinking alcohol and taking non-prescription drugs will result in immediate termination of the exchange, as will sexual promiscuity (as determined by the school and host school).
  • Neither Newington College or Lycée St Vincent accept liability for any costs incurred should an exchange be terminated.