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2013 Languages Tour of Japan

On Monday 23 September, eight Year 9 students, 16 Year 10 students, one Year 11 student and three Language teachers were lucky enough to travel to Japan for 10 days to visit some remarkable sites in Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Nara, Osaka and Hakone to immerse themselves in Japanese culture. The students visited countless major landmarks such as Mt Fuji, the A-Dome and Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima, Miyajima Island, Kyoto Tower, Disney Sea, Kinkokuji, Toodaiji and Universal Studios, and witnessed a traditional sumo wrestling tournament in Tokyo. Among the cultural experiences, the students got to experience shopping. The boys toured some of the major shopping strips in both Tokyo and Kyoto including Ginza and the famous Akihabara (Electric City) which had some of the latest technological devices and gaming gadgets on offer.

The boys also got a taste of what it means to travel at 264km/hr on the Shinkansen, a bullet train travelling between Tokyo and Kyoto. While it was a gripping experience to move at such a speed, it was a relaxing ride. During the 10 days, the boys got the opportunity to apply their three or four years of Japanese study. Whether it was ordering food at McDonald’s, having a conversation with native Japanese speakers, or asking for directions to certain places, the boys got a first-hand experience of Japanese customs and traditions. The entire experience was amazing for all the students and teachers, yet what really topped it off, was of course, the Japanese cuisine. The countless restaurants, McDonalds, 7/11s and various other establishments that lined the street were very welcoming and the food was spectacular and traditional. To be completely honest, the food was exquisite. Overall, the entire experience was one to remember and the students would like to thank the three staff members, Mr Bennett, Ms Gonzalez and most importantly Wang Sensei for organising and accompanying us on the trip.

Cameron Hoareau (10/ME)
Japanese Language Student