Student Testimonies

Arriving on the night of the 18 May our families came to pick up us at the airport. For the following week we went to lessons with our exchange students and we were all starstruck by the sheer size and almost futuristic look of the Newington complex. By Thursday we had all received our uniforms – wearing them everyday and seeing all the other students wear them was quite a shock to us. Fortunately none of us were too affected by the jetlag and we all managed to get into the Australian way of life. The highly active and sporty Australian lifestyle was quite a shock to the system, we had been informed about this but nothing could have prepared us for the level of physical activity that the average Australian student endures. The second Thursday we went on an excursion around Sydney. First we stopped at Paddy’s Market where we were able to buy all sorts of souvenirs, then we toured Darling Harbour before getting a ferry to Manly where we visited the high street, beach and area in general. Up to now everything is going well and we are all really enjoying ourselves.

Oliver Rear, Marc Vigneron, Alexis Secheresse, Julien Dubreuil
French Exchange Student


I want to report in this article about my time at Newington. I went to Newington from the
28th of June to the 14th of August. This was an amazing time and it was the best holiday
during my time at school.
During this time I had a very good view of the school life and of the boys. They all work
very hard in school and represent the school during rugby games and other events with
fervour, which I never saw before in Germany.
For me was it was a great experience to see what it is like for everybody to wear the same
clothes. This feeling was so good that I am very sad to change my clothes from the school
uniform of black to my normal clothes. The uniform gives the boys in my opinion a better
solidarity to each other. Overall, I have a great time at Newington and will miss this school
and boys a lot.

Marco Niederlag
German Exchange Student