a day at newington

Newington College is a stimulating and dynamic environment for boys to learn and play. It expects all boys to participate in the academic, co-curricular and community programs which are available and encourages each boy to take charge of their own learning.


  1. Boys often catch the bus or train in the mornings, followed by a short walk to the College. Some mornings they may have an early music rehearsal or debating training.
  2. Classes commence at 8:30 AM with recess at 10:20 AM.
  3. Before lunch at 12:50 PM boys attend a house meeting, chapel service or whole-school assembly.


  1. During lunchtime boys are expected to be outside enjoying the sunshine or playing sports on the oval. Most boys bring packed lunches although there is food available at the school canteen.
  2. Classes end at 3:20 PM and most boys proceed to sport training on the school ovals, in the pool or at the fitness centre.
  3. Following training boys may be picked up in the College drop-off zone or catch the train or bus home.
  4. In the evenings boys will enjoy dinner with their host families and have some time to relax or study at their hosts’ house.

House System

The Newington College system of eight Houses provides students with an excellent network of peers and mentors. Houses are structured in a ‘vertical’ manner, whereby older boys act as peer support leaders for our younger students. As houses boys participate in inter-house sporting competitions and devise service learning projects.

Chapel Services and Cultural Diversity

Newington welcomes students and families of all faiths and cultural backgrounds. The chapel provides a place for reflection and interaction with  personal and community issues in light of the basic tenets of the Christian faith. Students are encouraged to be open-minded and to develop positive attitudes towards living and learning with faith.