Newington LANGUage and Cultural exchanges

Newington offers the opportunity for boys to live and study abroad and be immersed in another culture. It also gives families the chance to host exchange students from international schools.

Current opportunities include:

  • The Woodbridge Exchange Program for Year 9 boys to study for six weeks in Suffolk, England.
  • Language exchange with Lycée St Vincent in Senlis, France
  • New connections  currently being established with Holland, Italy and Japan.

Outbound exchange students enjoy a different setting for their studies and often undertake supplementary language lessons at their host schools. The reciprocal nature of these exchanges means that the Newington community hosts exchange partners, giving them an educational, informative, memorable and fun experience in Sydney.

Benefits of the Exchange Program

  • Promoting intercultural understanding
  • Establishing friendships across diverse backgrounds and cultures
  • Developing a sense of international citizenship
  • Enhancing foreign language study
  • Fostering a commitment to the principles of peace, social justice and mutual respect.

Students are encouraged to participate either as exchange students or as hosts in order to broaden their understanding of different cultures and to gain a greater appreciation of their own country. The Exchange Program offers an abundance of enriching experiences to help students develop into well-rounded individuals.

Click here to read a blog article by one of our students, Victor Mkaronda, who carried out a six week exchange in Italy in September 2015.