HSC and IB Dip Programme  Design and Technology

Senior Courses – Years 11 and 12


Is concerned with the process of practical problem solving. It focuses on innovation and emerging technologies and investigates design and manufacturing technologies. In the HSC year, students undertake a Case Study and develop a Major Design Project.


Includes applied mathematics, the science of materials and engineering drawing. Each student will complete a number of engineering reports. Some of the Fields of Study include: Civil Structures, Aeronautical and Telecommunications Engineering.


Uses wood as its primary material for constructional work. Each student produces a folio that records the decision-making concerned with the research, design, management and construction processes of each project. The theory is associated with wood technology and industrial processes.


This course is designed to enable students to acquire a range of technical, practical, personal and organisational skills valued both within and beyond the workplace. They will also acquire underpinning skills and knowledge related to work, employment and further training within the general construction industry. Students will undertake a number of projects including small carpentry projects, concreting and framing work.

IB Diploma programme


Levels available: Standard and Higher

Students will experience practical, experimental, investigative and project work in the practical environment or classroom. All students are required to do a design technology project as an integral part of the internal assessment program. This is in addition to a number of short-term investigations. The projects have included recycling, human factors design and silver jewellery where the boys have been fortunate enough to be mentored by James Ballass who is a master jeweller from Steven James Jewellers.