Stage 4 – Years 7 and 8

Our mandatory Stage 4 course in Year 7 and 8 provides students with an opportunity to be involved in designing, making and appraising, using a variety of materials and processes. Students learn about the process of designing and making through the development of design projects in the areas of: Built Environments; Products and Information and Communication. They learn about the properties and application of materials such as plastic, aluminium, concrete and timber.

Stage 5 Courses – Years 9 – 10


Uses a range of materials to solve complex problems. Students document the processes in a design portfolio. A minimum of six design projects will be undertaken during the course.


Develops student’s awareness of the different mediums used to communicate graphical information. The course covers Architectural Drawing, Computer Aided Design and Drafting, Furniture Design and Engineering Drawing using conventional drawing methods and CAD techniques.


Provides opportunities for students to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in relation to the electronics and associated industries. The students will use computers to aid in the design and development of printed circuit boards. Industry standards and manufacture are also explored.


A skills based course that exposes student to a wide range of domestic and industrial machinery and processes. Wood is the primary material source for the construction of projects.