The Headmaster, Newington Visual Arts, The Creative Arts Association and Concordia Gallery are pleased to invite you to the Year 12 HSC Visual Arts BOW. Constructed Realities presents the work of our graduating Visual Arts Students as they examine the psychology; interrogate the structure and reproduce the liminal edges of the world around them.

Each work, whether a physiological exploration of pain or a psycho-somatic inquiry into the passages of growing up, interrogates the very nature of being human and the transformative processes involved in adjusting and existing within the contemporary world.

The boys have been working on these installations, videos, sculptures and paintings since Term 4, 2016 and the exhibition displays not only the end product but the acuity in which they have worked. Along with their teachers, each student has masterfully examined and made manifest a range of poignant and highly developed critiques of the relationship between the macro- and micro- politics of navigating life.

Drawing inspiration from school, sport, the body, popular culture, the human psyche, and philosophy, each young artist has experimented with a distinct range of materials and processes to express what art and life mean to them.

Opening Night: 6:00 PM Tuesday 8 August, 2017
Venue: Concordia Gallery, 221-235 Stanmore Road, Stanmore
Opening Times: Wednesdays to Saturdays, 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM, from Tuesday, 8 August – Saturday, 19 August 2017