Centre For Ethics:
events Program 2017

I am delighted to introduce Newington College Centre for Ethics 2017. Now in its eighth year, the Centre is well established, with its unique program and distinguished speakers attracting large audiences. The Centre aims to engage our whole community by organising events that are challenging and relevant. The public lectures are open to students, teachers, parents and the wider community and cover a wide range of topics and issues. The importance of the Humanities; spirituality in contemporary Australia; the challenges of cyber security; art and morality; the changing rules of trust – these are just some of the topics on the agenda for this year. I am grateful to all our speakers – leading figures in their respective fields – for their enthusiasm and support. We are extremely fortunate to have these opportunities.

At Newington, Philosophy and Religious Studies (PRS) is at the heart of the curriculum and the College is committed to providing a lively, relevant, inter-disciplinary program that promotes critical thinking and enhances personal development. Each year we organise a number of events for PRS students and teachers. Dr Peter Vardy will be returning to the College in May to lead a student workshop on Science, Ethics and Religion. In August, we will be hosting a teachers’ conference to reflect on the place of Philosophy and Religion in Australian schools.

There is much to look forward to in 2017; we look forward to welcoming you to the College.

Dr Jeremy Hall
Head of Philosophy and Religious Studies